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Stamping of Galvanized Steel Material for the Appliance Industry

Toe Panel

This Toe Panel/Kick Plate for a dishwasher was fabricated from galvanized steel and powder coated to a black Class "A" appliance finish. We used progressive die stamping to notch, pierce, and form the kick plate, which measured 24" long by 2.83" wide and 0.28" thick. We followed the customer supplied drawings and our stamping tolerances were maintained to ±.004". The 100,000 toe panels required on an annual basis are layer packed in boxes of 300 units each and delivered to the customer.

Herd Manufacturing Inc.'s progressive die stamping services serve a variety of industries, and we are ISO 9001 certified. Please contact us for more information about our services or see the table below.

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Stamping of Galvanized Steel Material Project Highlights

Product Description This fabricated steel plate is used as a dishwasher kick plate.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Progressive Die Stamping
  • Notched
  • Pierced
  • Formed
Powder Coating
  • Layer Packed
  • 300 Per Box
Overall Part Dimensions Material Thickness: .028"
Length: 24"
Width: 2.83"
Tightest Tolerances ±.004"
Material Used Galvanized Steel
Material Finish Powder Coated Black
Special Feature Class "A" Appliance Finish
Industry for Use Appliance
Volume 100,000 Per Year
Delivery Time Just In Time (JIT) 100% On Time Delivery
Delivery Location Mid-East Coast USA
Standards Met Customer Supplied Drawings
Product Name Toe Panel
Tooling The progressive die used for this part was designed and built by Herd Manufacturing

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