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Stamping and Assembly of a Metal Base for the Power Tool Industry

Metal Base Assembly

Constructed from C1008-1010 cold rolled steel (CRS) and Grade 80 high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel, this metal base assembly was designed to be used as part of a cordless trim saw. We used CRS that was .085" thick and HSLA that was .120" thick. Using our metal stamping and assembly capabilities, we produced four different metal stamped parts and assembled them by welding and riveting the parts into one assembly. We also applied secondary processes such as tapping, projection welding, zinc plating and powder coating in a silver finish. The final assemblies are packaged in egg crate type packaging for protection and delivery to the customer's facility.

For this project we maintained manufacturing tolerances of ±.004" and meet the JIT delivery for the 250,000 units required on an annual basis. For more information on our metal stamping services, please contact us or see the table below.

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Stamping and Assembly of a Metal Base Project Highlights

Product Description This metal base is used within a cordless trim saw.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • 4 Different Parts Stamped
  • 4 Stamped Parts are Welded and Riveted into one Assembly
Projection Welding
Powder Coating
  • Packaged in Egg Crate Type Packaging to Protect Parts
Overall Part Dimensions Material Thickness:
Tightest Tolerances ±.004"
Material Used C1008-1010 Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)
Grade 80 High Strength Low Allow (HSLA) Steel
C1070 High Carbon Steel
Material Finish Zinc Plating and Powder Coated Silver
Industry for Use Power Tool
Volume 250,000 EAU
Delivery Time Just In Time (JIT) 100% On Time Delivery
Delivery Location Southern Texas for export into Mexico
Standards Met Customer Supplied Drawings and ISO 9001:2015 standard
Product Name Saw Base Assembly
Tooling All four progressive dies, as well as all assembly fixtures were designed and built by Herd Manufacturing

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