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Stamping and Assembly of an Axle Assembly for the Lawn & Garden Industry

Axle Assembly

A manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment contacted Herd Manufacturing Inc. for fabrication of a front and rear axle assembly to be used in a lawn mower. The metal brackets of this axle assembly were stamped from C1008-1010 steel and assembled to a coined axle by robotic welding. A locating pin was also welded as part of this assembly. The bracket material was .075" thick and the rod diameter was .250". We finished the assembly with a powder coating. Throughout the manufacturing of this assembly we maintained tolerances as tight as ±.004". To assist our customer in managing their inventory with the 250,000 EAU order, we enacted a just-in-time delivery system, shipping off of a weekly pull system. This JIT delivery was made possible by the utilization of a well designed welding fixture system that was designed, developed and built by Herd Manufacturing.

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Stamping and Assembly of an Axle Assembly Project Highlights

Product Description This axle assembly is used within a lawn mower application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
  • Robotic Welded
Powder Coating
  • Loose Layer Packed
Overall Part Dimensions Material Thickness: .075"
Rod Diameter: Ø.250"
Tightest Tolerances ±.004"
Material Used C1008-1010 Steel
Material Finish Powder Coated
Industry for Use Lawn & Garden
Volume 250,000 EAU
Delivery Time Just In Time (JIT)
Delivery Location South Eastern USA
Standards Met Customer Supplied Drawings
Product Name Axle Assembly
Tooling The progressive dies for the brackets and the welding fixtures were designed and built by Herd Manufacturing

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